Tips for Hiring a Financial Advisor

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First, hire a fiduciary. This is an Advisor that is ethically bound to act in your best interest and usually eliminates any conflicts of interest. Also, sit down with a few Advisors to get a feel for how they operate and how they are paid for their service. Next, ask yourself, "what is my main objective here?". Many investors hire Advisors that are focused heavily on growth when considerations should be given to strategic income too. Since not all Advisors have specialties, look for those who do and fit your main objective. 

During our working years, portfolios have the time with long time horizons that effectively deaden risk. However, once in retirement, investors tend to ignore the risk associated with this entirely new phase of investing. Choosing an Advisor when transitioning to retirement becomes a crucial step when selecting an Advisor. In our industry today, there many who can serve you well as you focus specifically on retirement.

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