What a trip it will be ...

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Summer is the time to hit the open road and explore this big country. But with epic drives can come epic expenses - make sure you don't let unexpected costs creep in while planning the perfect road trip. The following articles have some good tips for summer trips.

Managing finances is a lot like taking a road trip: You're setting your sights on a goal and planning the best route to get there. Keep in mind it's optimal to get an early start (saving with compound interest), stay on the right roads (budget), and arrive safely at your destination (a well-earned retirement).

On your investment journey, I'm here to help guide you. Most importantly, I'm happy to assist as your automatic blind spot detection for things you may not see that could put you at risk. Just ask!

So rest easy, enjoy the ride, and let's make this one of the best summers ever. Here's some good reading for sightseeing along the way - feel free to share with family and friends. Take care, be safe, and post a picture or two of your trip.

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