The Wonderful World of Space

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Richard Branson made the news as the first rocket company boss to be launched to space. Many say this breakthrough could soon open up space travel to the masses.

According to equity analysts at Vertical Research, about 2 million people can afford to go to space today with a price point estimated between $300,000 to $400,000 per ticket. The Wall Street Journal gives more details in the article below. Tell me, doesn’t that sound at least a little exciting? 

Even if you prefer to keep your feet flat on the Earth, adding another type of “space” to your financial plan is a good goal for the future. By “space” I mean more room to breathe, more margin, and more freedom to do the things YOU dream about. What do you want that seems out of reach today? Let’s talk about it and take steps to get you started down that path. 

Every day we’re given opportunities to make things possible that once seemed impossible before. 

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