Let's Look at the UPside

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I decided to focus on the optimism of the word “up” this summer. And now, everywhere I look, things are looking UP!

The economy has opened up, many people’s spirits are up, friends and families are meeting up once again. I spent this past weekend UP in Hudson, Wisconsin with our daughter, her husband and 4 grandchildren.

It can be quite a powerful thing when we choose to look at the upside. 

History has repeatedly shown that regardless of inevitable down periods, the proper (for you) strategy puts you on the path to achieve financial goals and objectives.

When things seem down, take a moment to redirect your focus and find what's looking up for you. And on that note, here at The Naples Money Managers, we will continue to manage the best strategy for retirement.  

So, let’s talk about what’s up with you lately. 

Here are some hand-picked articles from some of the world’s top financial publishers to help inform your week. 

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