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Annuity Management

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Annuity Management

If you already HAVE an annuity, the management of your investments inside of the annuity has likely gone unattended often since it was first purchased.  The Naples Money Managers has a department with years of experience dedicated to the active management, of existing and new annuities.

If you DON’T HAVE an annuity but wonder if it is a good choice for you the following may help. It would be a shame for some who really need the protection of an annuity, to pass them by because of the fees or ill-spoken press

After watching the video’s and reading the Build-A-Bear article you probably have a pretty good handle on why you might need to have an annuity. You might also have figured out that not all annuities are alike. As they are contracts they all will be written differently. For this reason it is imperative that you determine if the guarantee benefits and the costs meet your needs and address your fears.

Sometimes paying a little for guarantees is worth a lot. Especially when you can’t afford to lose principal and need to be assured of your future income

The Naples Money Managers will


Ensure the terms of the policy are still appropriate to the your situation


Ensure that the investments inside of the annuity are properly allocated


Initiate changes to the investment selections available within the policy


Monitor the investments and make change recommendations into the future

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