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The Power of Mapato

The Double Income Portfolio

All our portfolios with the exception of “The Van Winkle” Portfolio are brand named for “The Power of Mapato”.

Mapato is defined in Swahili as...

"Income, profit, achievement, acquisition and enrichment”

A perfect representation of most investor’s financial goals.

We define Mapato as...

The “Double Income Portfolio” 

A Perfect representation of what the portfolio creates.

The “Power of Mapato” is, “The Patient Accumulation and Preservation of Assets”

The Goal of the Portfolio

The Goal of The Power of Mapato Portfolios is to ensure that the money you have today will be there and growing for your tomorrow.  We utilize our management knowledge and skills to produce “Double Income” for your portfolio, WITHOUT increasing your risk.  And in most cases, we reduce the risk.

Today’s investment environment is complex and volatile, diligence can become a full-time job for individual investors.  Knowing how to strike balance between risk and reward while managing tax liability requires constant focus.

The Naples Money Manager’s “Power of Mapato” Core portfolio (Double Income with Moderate Growth,) minimizes the effect of stock market volatility by providing a tailored strategy with income as the first priority and growth secondary.  Let the “Power of Mapato” and the wisdom and integrity of The Naples Money Managers allow you to focus on what is really important….enjoying life!

“With the values of yesterday, Mapato meets your needs for today and tomorrow.”

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Available Strategies

Income, Double Income & Growth

Contact Us for detailed information on each portfolio

Ultra Conservative


$500,000 and up

Moderate Growth


$500,000 and up
Mapato Income and Growth

$50,000 to $500,000
Mapato Lite Income and Growth


Dividend Income

$50,000 and up

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Covered Call Options Basics

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The Power of
Mapato Portfolios


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