The Secure Act 2.0?

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When the government plans for tax breaks it also plans for increased tax revenue from another side of the equation to balance it all out. Lately, the talk has been focused around the current economic spending and the revenue that will be required to pay for it all.

In the article attached, "Congress Isn't Finished Coming after your Retirement Money and Estate", author and senior contributor for Forbes Bob Carlson outlines the possible retirement perks that may be cut to fund the whole. Bob Carlson writes, "In 2019 when Congress needed money to pay for the retirement plan tax breaks created in the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act, it eliminated the Stretch IRA. The idea had been proposed for years and had bipartisan support.


In his article, Mr. Carlson outlines possible retirement strategies that may be on the "short list".


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