Finding the Upside in a Downturn

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Is now a good time for you?

How you answer that question in 2022 is sounding more like how you answer the age-old phrase “Is the glass half-empty or half-full?”

Your outlook on a situation can make all of the difference.

Last week a measure of the “feel good” sentiment in the U.S. hit a surprising low. Apparently, households are the most depressed they have been since the University of Michigan began its long-running Consumer Sentiment index in the 1950s.

Does this describe how you feel? If so, we definitely need to talk! Because those results deserve a reality check. Even in this environment, there are many ways to capitalize on opportunities available to you. And working together, we can find the upswing in a downturn. The articles below are a good start for ideas. Share with anyone you think might benefit as well..

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