Take the 1-Foot Journey this Thanksgiving

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As Thanksgiving ushers in a joyful time of family road trips and travel, remember amid all the busy-ness as you’re reconnecting with loved ones far and wide, that oftentimes the longest journey you’ll take is the 12 or so inches from your head to your heart.

In other words, it’s the difference between what you know is beneficial for you and what you actually do.

This Thanksgiving, as you express gratitude for the good things and people in your life, it’s also a perfect time to have those all-important conversations you know are needed — including discussing your investment risks and objectives. 

If you need any assistance, or ideas on how to broach these conversations, just reach out. I’m here to help. The articles below are great conversation starters as well. Give them a read and share, if you like. And let’s keep in touch. 

Wishing you a warm and happy Thanksgiving. 

Success in all your efforts,


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