How to Fix Decision Fatigue

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If you’re feeling fatigued from the grind and the seemingly never-ending decisions that pop up each day, you’re not alone. This time of year especially, decision fatigue can start to rattle your wellbeing. 

Decision fatigue is the theory that in a stressful season, a person’s capacity to make choices over the course of a day becomes worse. That’s why grabbing some fast food off a drive-thru menu after a long day at work sounds better than making yourself dinner, and why mindlessly scrolling through social media at bedtime is so tempting.

If you relate, first of all, cut yourself some slack. It’s not just you. It’s possible all you need is a decision-making process that won’t leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Our Covered Call Strategy does the heavy lifting for you in markets up, down, and sideways.

And that’s where I can help, along with the articles below. Working together, we can combat decision fatigue with simple strategies like clarifying priorities, introducing automation where possible, and simplifying options. This reduces your overall stress and enables you to feel more confident and at ease, ready to cruise through the remainder of 2023.

Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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