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Are You Producing Enough?

Your foundation, charitable trust or even IRA have to produce enough to meet distribution requirements.

Produce More, Double Your Income



Unless they are an operating Foundation (the kind that actually makes something or offers a service other than giving money to other qualified organizations) require that you give away at least 5% a year.

Increase your production, double your income and lower your risk.

Charitable Trusts

Most require that you, the donor, take income each year. The minimum is generally 5%. If your trust was created years ago you might have chosen a higher amount. You might have to take out 8% or 10%.
Increase your production Double your Income

Let us help to design the right trust for you and benefit from your ability to:

  • Avoid capital gains
  • Receive an income tax deduction
  • Reduce your estate tax
  • Increase your income because you didn’t have to pay capital gains
  • Increase your income through our strategy
  • Maintain control over the investments




At a certain age the laws require you to take money out of your IRA. The old law was that you had to take it in the year you turned 70 ½, if you already reached this age and had to start taking your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) you have to continue. The new law is age 72. If you are age 66 for example you don’t have to start taking your RMD until you are age 72. However, this calculated amount may make it difficult to keep the principal intact so that your income will stay steady long into the future

Increase your Production Double Your Income, without increasing your risk to create the income you are required to take

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