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Would You Rather Talk About Buying Shoes or About Financial Plans?

Believe it or not they are very similar. When the fit is right, you will know it. 

Start Trying Them On

Shopping for Shoes

Often when shopping for shoes you may try on several pair. You ask yourself:

  • Is the color right?
  • Do they cost too much?
  • Are they ugly?
  • Are they too fancy?
  • Are they too tight or too big?
  • Do they really fit YOUR style?

And when you do find the right pair what happens? You probably buy 2 pair in different colors. When the shoe fits you know it. No one has to convince you to buy them. It feels right because it is right.

Creating your financial plan is no different. You will try on several plans until you find the one that fits YOU just right. You will know it because it feels right. NO one will have to convince you to buy into it. You can breathe again and you are excited to get it started. That’s how it should be!

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