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Need to Spend Less? Even if You Have It, Spend a Little Less.

Small changes will cause your savings to pile up, it will become an addictive game.

Let’s Play

Living Beneath Your Means,
Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Take a look at the video and visit the planning page.  The bottom line is if you have a 401k or 403B or 457 Plan at work use it!  

FREE MONEY!  if they match.  For example, if you put in 3% of your paycheck, they will match 3%. That is a 100% return on your money and it cost you nothing.
If you don’t have plan at work you can easily set up an investment plan where money can be sent from your checking account each month on payday.


There are times in our lives when this is not possible but can you really afford not to do it when you really can? 

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Savvy Sarah vs. Party Jane

See a projection of two 20-year-old investors each earning 8%.
Find out why Jane will never catch up with Sarah



Savvy Sarah

Starts saving $2,000 a year at age 20

Stops adding money at age 28

It earns 8% on average

Age 65: $396,221

She added $2,000 a year for 8 years or $16,000



Party Jane

Starts saving 8 years later at age 29

Continues to add through age 65

It earns 8% on average

Age 65: $406,141

She added $2,000 a year for 36 years or $72,000

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