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​Waiting…How Long Should You Wait to Make a Change?  

Don’t wait for the next 40% drop. It could change your life forever! 

Stop Waiting

A Story We Have Heard Many Times Before

It is a story we hear over and over again. No one wants to make a move when things are going good, even if they have issues about how they are being treated as clients or how the portfolio is actually being managed or in so many cases not managed

If you are a vulnerable millionaire and a 40% drop in the market will change your life then maybe you want to take a second look before it is too late

We can tell you that if you are drawing out money annually and the market drops 40% recovery is almost impossible.

If you have that little voice in your head telling you that you need to have a better handle on your future finances, it doesn’t hurt to explore other options while things are good. See how difference strategies will protect your hard earned money.

Are you depending on growth to support your lifestyle?

See what happens if you draw $50,000 a year off a $1-million portfolio starting
in the year 2000 until the market recovers in 2013


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