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Are You Looking for a Portfolio Tailored to Your Needs?

Whether you need growth, income or both. NMM has a tailored portfolio that will met both your financial needs and ability to handle risk.

Discover The Power of Mapato

Dennis on the Naples Money Managers'

Investment Philosophy

All our portfolios with the exception of “The Van Winkle” Portfolio are brand named for “The Power of Mapato”.

Mapato is defined in Swahili as...

"Income, profit, achievement, acquisition and enrichment”

A perfect representation of most investor’s financial goals.

We define Mapato as...

The “Double Income Portfolio” 

A Perfect representation of what the portfolio creates.

The “Power of Mapato” is, “The Patient Accumulation and Preservation of Assets”


Comprehensive & Selective Money Management

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The Power of

The "Double Income Portfolio

Discover The Power of Mapato

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